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Small outside, big inside

The space will no longer be an impediment to with the new compact ovens at 45 cm of Teka, because thanks to its small size are able to accommodate even the smallest of your kitchen places and, at the same time, offer all the advantages of a large appliance.


Compacts Ovens

Like conventional ovens 60 cm have innovative cleaning system, for you have your oven as again in a few minutes by the force of heat or steam. They are also more efficient and environmentally friendly, allowing savings of up to 20% on your electricity bill because of its energy rating A.


Infinite Possibilities Ovens

Combine them as you want, add a warming drawer to keep food warm until ready to serve a vacuum packaging machine for weighing and packing your food or even a coffee to delight you and enjoy an excellent coffee. No doubt the compact ovens Teka are one of the best options for your kitchen space not just your gift for cooking.


Combi Oven: oven + microwave

Why choose if you can have both at once in the same appliance. Compact microwave ovens Teka + offer the usual features of a multifunction oven with microwave power of a Teka. All in one appliance.